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A Time You Felt Insecure Around All Your Friends

by According to What

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Tilted Arc 02:24
you're standing there i want tell you how I feel but I ask "How are you?" they say you got problems but who doesn't it's stuck right in my heart we used to talk about anything and everything in our core so what went so wrong was I too pushy? i know can be, i really try not to be now it's years later and do i even care you're in a new place framing pictures for a local photo store and i wonder if it mattered at all i wonder if i mattered at all
Mona Lisa 02:22
tell me about a time you felt insecure around all your friends and I'll tell you about a time, it happens all the time because I love you but it's not you you ask me if it's cool for you to hit on my friend i tell you that it's not cool, but she finds it very cool because she loves you and it's not me i love you but it's not you
time goes slowly when you're doing nothing go to school, you're crying, come home, you're crying you say your mom hates you, well I don't believe you i know you're lying,i just can't prove it What I'm sayings honest, but what you're doing's careless I'm doing my best here, but you're going nowhere I want to feel like I've got control I want to feel, I shouldn't just be told I want to be like him, he became who he's really He does what he wants to and people like him for it I want to be like her, all she does is golden Her paintings, her drawings, I want to be in them What does it even look like, to know you're never catching up To know it in your heart And what does it play like, when it's ten years later, fifteen, twenty Maybe more And what does my brain do How do I even sort this shit?
You blew a fuse I was hellbent on hurting you I felt so used Now I've had a dark turn, but that's on you We're locked in a duel that I made up in my head, it’s all askew You looked so cool. You had entered stage left, you were right on cue But that's what they get out of caring for you You promised me something but what you really wanted was to see me destroyed Your sense of social capital, your word, your worth, turned lame & void I can't tell you what it's like to be me You can't see me but for how you've painted me
You are nothing special You are the same as everybody Nobody's cool, nobody's right, nobody's perfect Nobody cares about your life Right now, yes I took it personally You can tell it I let it all consume me all the time You look some kind of awful You look just as pitiful You didn't try, you didn't care, you didn't notice You didn't try for anyone And I don't realize I don't need an honest shot All I need is to watch you falling down
Whatever you do, whatever you want, whatever you feel It doesn't matter so long as they are there I spent five moths, I spent years, I spent my life on people who don't even care My life's a mystery and by mystery I mean very lame My life's a mystery, friday nights on NBC But if it's how I feel inside that counts Then I know I'm better than everyone White flash, white heat, a streak of hair Turns and leaves me down in the dirt My broken leg, My broken bones and more But it's my thoughts that really hurt
It's stupid, it's ugly, the way I think of you It's in the way you go, the way you talk, the way you carry out It's uncomfortable, it's miserable but that's the way things go I don't act out, I don't do shit, I just do it for show. You're total trash, chewed gum stuck to my shoe You're total trash, can't wait to get over you I'm unreasonable, shortsighted, when I open my mouth And I wonder if you wonder that I wonder about you
Hang Up 03:21
I don't know myself anymore, but can you trust me? Can you trust in me? I eat alone now most of the time, but it's my choice. Yeah, it's my choice. Anything, oh, anything Anything you want to tell me you ought to tell me now I try to catch myself now and then but I keep falling. i keep falling. It's in my chest, it's in my head, it's in every muscle of my body It's when I look at you, when I look at you. Shine a light on me, you shine a light on me You think you're gonna find just what you want But you don't I’m the end road, I’m the wall that you hit when you thought you even had a plan still I’m the mode set to kill, I’m the C4 you lit When you've slowed and you're crawling back uphill I’m the throat that you slit, yeah the line that you toed When you thought you finally had your own fill I’m complete lack of will, all the debt that you owed That you’re never ever gonna pay back
White Flower 02:11
My heart is lost, you ask what's the cost I know the difference between some novelty and trash I'm crushed to dust, well if the cause is just I'll step aside, forget an ugly gash I'm not surprised to see his name the first time I'm not impressed because Tim's just another white guy You act a punk, just look how far you've sunk I'll find a way buried in the ash You're used to it Yeah, I'm used to it.
I get a lot of pressure for saying things I shouldn't have said I catch a lot of heat for staying true to form I made a lot of promises, you've no intention on cashing them Check my heart, it's just another trash can I know it's not the same thing, I feel entitled for just being me I've cause a lot of trouble just for kicks or cause I'm bored I feel alright with life on fire And I know nothing that'll take me there I feel my arm swaying there


10 Songs about Over Correction


This album features Etan Heller on drums, and Luis Perez on guitars and vocals. Additional vocals provided by Mary D Begley.

Drums were recorded at Williamson Magnetic Recording by Tessa Echeverria. The rest was recorded and mixed at home by Tessa and Luis.

Songs and artwork by Luis.

Thanks to Maggie Denman, Caroline Hughes, Danielle Tucci, Peter Briggs, and Ross Adam.

Live, According to What is Luis Perez, Maggie Denman, Etan Heller & Tessa Echeverria.

CD Available through JIGSAW RECORDS Thanks Chris!



released October 5, 2020


all rights reserved



According to What Madison, Wisconsin

Classic Mountain Anorak

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